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Oral Steroid Side Effects

side effects of oral steroids

Oral Steroid Side Effects During Cycle

Marked toxic oral steroid side effects on the body often manifested with prolonged use of very high doses (3-4 g per week or more) with oral abuse, alkylated in position 17 alpha, agents such as methandienone, methyltestosterone, oxymetholone, and congenital or acquired intolerance of this group of preparations. Nevertheless, when receiving androgen, anabolic steroids can occur undesirable side effects. Side should be considered all the effects that arise when taking steroids, other than direct oral steroid side effects on skeletal muscles.

The main Oral Steroids Effects are:

      The symptoms of virilization such as acne (acne), which in some cases can be corrected package of measures, which include the exclusion of simple carbohydrates from the diet, hygiene measures of prevention and treatment, receiving-type preparations isotretinoin and other retinoid, as well as immunoglobulin UV exposure. Hirsutism is manifested as increased hair growth on the face and body, both in men and women. Sometimes pathological boundaries reach gain (reversible) libido (sex drive) in both sexes. Women may occur irreversible deepening of voice and clitoral hypertrophy. The use of anabolic steroids by young people who have not reached full biological maturity leads to accelerated puberty and early closure of growth zones of long bones.
·         Feminization of fat deposition in the form of strengthening and development of gynecomastia in men develops in the presence of functional liver failure and long-term use of high doses of different esters of testosterone and other preparations subject to easy flavoring process. Therapeutic measures to combat this side effect, especially against the background of the ongoing steroids, consisting in carrying out anti-estrogen therapy or taking preparations, sometimes fraught with serious complications.
·         When using high or medium doses of anabolic steroids in susceptible persons, as well as with increased sodium intake, may cause edema and hypertension. If these oral steroid side effects are not adjusted decrease sodium intake and taking diuretics herbal, the dosage of steroids is necessary to reduce or even stop taking preparations.
·         All 17-alpha alkylated steroids, which have repeatedly mentioned, potentially hepatotoxic, it's only tolerated each specific person dosages. All other steroids, though not possess reasonable dosages for liver toxicity but their anabolic effect on the liver leads to hepatic cell wall thickening. Clinically it is manifested the weight in the right hypochondrium, enlargement of the liver, and at a significant expression - loss of appetite, weakness, bitterness in the mouth, nausea and jaundice. After cessation of treatment, these oral steroid side effects often disappear within two to three weeks. The only auxiliary hepatotoxic therapy when receiving androgen-anabolic steroids may be the use of decoctions and infusions of wild rose, immortelle, corn silk, in addition - the use of one or two bottles of degassed alkaline mineral water.

Additional Oral Steroid Side Effects

·         Suppression of endogenous secretion of gonadotropins and androgens, as well as suppression of spermatogenesis occurs after 3-5 weeks of androgen administration in a dosage equivalent to 250 mg of testosterone per week. After the abolition of preparations all the mechanisms of hormonal regulation naturally replenished after 8-15 weeks. Popular Now use of gonadotropin interfere in the hormonal regulation of processes at a higher level and disturbs the natural process of restoring the normal hormonal levels. The use of this preparation is highly undesirable, and with a great deal of doubt may be justified by the athletes, who want to minimize the loss of muscle mass in a short 3-5 week break between cycles prima steroids.
·         Despite the distributed media opinion, androgenic-anabolic steroids have no carcinogenic, provoking cancer, effect. However, androgens stimulate the growth of existing cancer prostate and mammary glands in males.
·         Long-term use of high doses of steroids, especially oxymetholone, leads to a marked suppression of the immune system and weaken the strength of the connective tissue structures - ligament-tendon unit and the internal 'skeleton' of muscle tissue. Occurring in parallel with the growth of the muscular apparatus of the power capacity can lead to injury.
·         Long-term use of high doses of androgens leads to irreversible loss of hair on the head, especially in predisposed individuals, regardless of gender and age.